Ballistic (2005)

Ballistic is a simple 3D ball game written in C++. Inspired by games like Marble Maddness.

The Ballistic project was the first time I ever worked with other programmers: it was a project for a first year paper. It consisted of a group of three programmers, where the domains were distributed as follows:

  • Ryan O’ Conner (Physics)
  • Nick Jenkins (Sound)
  • Myself (Graphics)

We wrote our own game engine from scratch – the big “no no” in software development… we learnt our lesson in that respect but we learnt a hell of a lot from writing our own. The engine is called “Artifical Reality”, looking back I would add the emphasis on “Artifical” 😛

The graphics (aka core) used OpenGL, it had a particle system, skybox and the main feat here was that it could load 3d studio max files … that was the hardest part! I wanted to develop the level(s) in 3dsmax so I found some hacky code that supposedly parsed *.3ds files … it took a couple of sleepless nights to write a new one!

The physics used ODE.

The sound used FMod.


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