A Simple Javascript Model-View-Controller API

Model-View-Controller is such a useful and powerful design pattern. You can use MVC for more than just physical views (i.e. GUI’s), but abstract views as well (e.g. pure data structures). You can even use MVC as an event mechanism.
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Beggining of a new year

My final year at university: my masters thesis. Last year ended with great results, I completed a project called “Apollo” which was an experimental hypermedia environment for creating, editing and managing audio data.

For the next year I am focusing on Web development: something I have zero experience and knowledge in, well I know a little html and some basic concepts. I have avoided the web dev area because I had always seen it as a limited/restricted dev environment. However now that web 2.0 has been introduced and continuously expanding my view has changed.

This year I want to try and implement innovative ideas with web applications and push the limits of what can be done in a web browser. The amount of technologies and API’s are so overwhelming it’s difficult to know where to start!