I’m a software developer working in the finance industry. I studied computer science and mathematics in New Zealand (Waikato University) all the way up to a Masters. After a few years of working in NZ as a software developer I moved to London.

Graduation 09

My first graduation 09

This site started out as a log of work I had been learning in academia. The blog was a way to give back to the online tech community, as i have used so many other blogs and the likes of stack overflow to find answers. The blog was also a way for me to solidify what I had been researching: by writing about topics/problems to an open audience I would reflect and ensure I knew the problems/topics from back to front.

Special interests in 2013:

  • Agile. I’ve worked in a SCRUM environment and it is one of the best ways to develop software!
  • Enterprise architecture. I enjoy the challenges of designing an enterprise system. I’m big on the Domain Model pattern.
  • HCI – still, nothing pisses me off more than bad UI design and interaction ๐Ÿ™‚

Special interests in 2010:

  • Software developement methodologies (E.G. Agile philosophies). – I like them! Can’t wait to use them in the workforce! Eventually it would be choice to gather the experiance and lead a team of programmers… one day…
  • Multi-threading; taking advantage of todays multi-core CPU’s.
  • Web developement – pushing the limits of interactive applications on the web.
  • HCI – nothing pisses me off more than bad UI design and interaction ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,

    I’m Patrick. I followed your guide on installing E17 in Ubuntu (very good, helped me with Entrance!). However your link to your E17 clean usplash is missing. Could you send it to me perhaps? I’d love to use it and like you I couldn’t find a decent E17 usplash. Thanks!

    — Patrick McAfee

    • Hey Patrick. The web server which hosted the usplash theme removed it because I think I was not supposed to be serving up files to the public (only html). I do not have the usplash files anymore – I had a copy on the web server which is now gone and on my old linux box which I gave away! Sorry mate

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