First public release of the Seaweed Plugin

In the past year I have been developing a JavaScript API called “Seaweed” (The seamless web editor – see for my masters project at the University of Waikato. The API allows people to directly edito content on a web page without switching to edit mode. (It is kinda of like the “contentEditable” attribute – but with more control and better browser support). Play with a demo at

My research is to investigate various aspects of “seamless editing”. I decided to use WordPress to power this investigation by developing a plugin that allows WordPress users to edit their posts/pages/comments directly on their Blog – without the need to use the administrator! Try it now at NOTE: users may have to wait a while for to host the plugin.

Seamless editing is cool, it beats WYSIWYG editing and HTML source editing any day (of coarse there are situations where the old-school way of editing may be more beneficial). When users install this plugin, they must first sign up to my Experiment which gathers usage data. If you have WordPress and you can install plugins – please install mine and sign up now! 🙂

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